COMACO is a family owned company established in the year of 1989 with the vision of reaching a new standard of trading in the MENA region and a dream to be implanted in every heart in the realm. With steady growth and strength, the company is now a home for 32 employees spread between the three divisions it possesses. The focus of the retail division in COMACO has been on fashionable and trendy accessories, with the brands Oxette, Loisir and Evita Peroni. COMACO recently added The Potlok, a homeware concept store to their list of retail stores. The wholesale division unlashes dedication to a better home in terms of design and functionality. COMACO are exclusive agents for several reputable brands from around the globe to guarantee the Lebanese market with admirable ranges of products. Lastly, COMACO are 3M channel partners in Lebanon, delivering various graphics and aesthetic branding needs from simple banners, fleet wrapping, car wrapping, floor graphics, window films, Automotive Auto care, Paint Protection Films and Traffic Safety signs.

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